Firehouse Scheduler

Firehouse Scheduler is loaded with features that help you manager your hectic work and personal life. Create multiple calendars not only to keep track of your shift work but also keep track of friends and family on the job as well. Designed with ease and simplicity in mind we have color coded days and gave you the ability to create custom events with custom symbols to make it easy to glance at what you have scheduled for the day. Check out all the features we have jammed packed into this application and start organizing your life.

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Designed By Firefighters

Firehouse Scheduler may have been designed by firefighters but we kept in mind our fellow Police Officers too. Now you can enter your shift schedule and create custom events to show your shift times. Enter court days, training and anything job related. Wish it had an event dedicated to your department; you’re in luck with the custom event manager you can create any event and save it to the event drop down list. Firehouse Scheduler has a variety of users from Power plant to Oil rig workers. If you have a schedule that isn’t your normal Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 and it has a pattern to it then this just might be the app you need.


Want to learn more about what everyone is raving about? Check out what Firehouse Scheduler has to offer:

  • Create your own custom shift cycles (24, 14, 12, 10 and 8 hour shift schedules).
  • Manage and keep an accrual log of sick and vacation time.
  • Manage and keep track of hours for Comp, Holiday and Overtime.
  • Manage your trades and keep track of hours owed by you or others.
  • Sync with Google Calendar.
  • Create multiple calendars.
  • Backup your data to the SD card.
  • Be alerted when events are approaching with the notification option.
  • Create widgets to easily glance at the day or month.
  • Take a second to catch your breath… There are even more features including entering events like:
  • Paydays
  • Union Meetings
  • Trades
  • Sick days
  • Vacation days
  • Schooling
  • Training
  • FLSA cycles
  • Overtime
  • Comp time
  • Holiday time
  • Kelly/ Debit days and many more!